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Banff Alta
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January 20, 1917 - Letter from Demetrius to Thomas

[envelope front]:

Thomas Gushul, Esq.
Box 209
Coleman, Alta

[envelope back]:
Banff Alta
Banff, Alta
Jan. 20, 1917

Dear Cousin:

        Why on the earth don’t you drop me a line? I am thinking of taking a trip down to Coleman, but your disageedunce [sic] prevents me from it. However, I shall be there unexpectedly and we shall talk much faster than we can write.
I wrote to Graphina that was going down to Calgary and so I was, but I did not think it was worth while taking a ride to Coleman then. You want to bear this in your mind that I am coming and when I come there will be something doing around that berg.
I am writing this note while I think of you. I should have written previous to this but you know the young people’s time.


        I am very sorry to have cause you such a great disappointment for not being able to answer your favorable call for Christmas holiday. It is rather a miracle that I cannot get off for holiday. When I come I want you to put your work aside for a day or two and talk to me frankly re-  * * * *.

I beg you [sic] pardon I forgot that you do not understand the shorthand method of writing unexpressive phrases. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Oh! Say! I passed the first examination for the entrance of High School (Grade VIII) and I may go ahead with the proposal if I don’t go to the front.
I know that you would criticize my idea upon my arrival in Coleman, but you will see how fast I can fulfill your demands. Faster than North Amer-r-r-r-r-r-rican.


        Did you know that Proc՛ was going to Canada and when on the steamer, which begane [sic] to sink, he tried to sell a watch for $150 which cost him $20000 on dry land?
You must not leave Coleman until such time in which I will arrive there. Rember [sic] that this is not a joke. I am expressing this frankly and expect you to act accordingly.
Well, I shall have to bring this letter to a conclusion with my heartiest wishes to all.
Your loving little sweetheart,


Who puts me in my Little bed.
My ………. Dear


A prompt reply is necessary to this letter.
Say! Tell me where live now so that I may know where to go.
Your Big Brud.

January 26, 1917 - Letter from Demetrius to Thomas

[envelope back]:

Mrs. J. Beveridge
Bush Town

D.O. Macko
Banff, Alta.

[seal]: JAN 28 17 ALTA

Personal and Confidential
D.O. Macko
Banff, Alta Jan. 26, 1917
Dear Thomas:
You did not leave yet for Toronto, have you? I suppose you are quite busy packing up all personal effects. Say, take the kitchen utensils with you, because you may have to do some cooking there. Well, you should be ready to depart by now, are you not? I suppose you could not not [sic] be at liberty to drop me a line before your departure, are you? I know it is hard to answer. However, I now realize that you are in a stampead [sic] these days.
I was planning a trip dow[n] to Coleman but I shall not trouble now. “No use to go where you not wanted” is the old saying.


        When are you going? Say, listen, do you think you would be at liberty to see me if I should come to Coleman? That is if you not gone yet, then. I would feel somewhat surprised if you could spare a moment to glance at you [sic] cousin. You have always made some excuses for not writing and I believe you would make an excuse for not seeing me while I am there. No! that would not do. I feel very much like saying that you are no longer my cousin; but, for your former services and evil suggestions I still wish to call you my cousin. Should I get an answer to this letter stating that you are in Coleman yet. I will depart the very same day and the following day will be the day of “Resorection” [sic].


        Should you be away by this time, I would feel as though I was a person from myself and never have had relatives. Do you realize what the world is? Do you know how to use your fellow relation? However, I am expressing my final request to you, and that “Be reasonable”. Try to follow my directions if you cannot judge for yourself. Enough said.
Please answer as soon as you think is reasonable delay, or rather long enough you have carried my letter in your pocket not answered.


        How is everybody at home. Kindly give my heartiest wishes to every body and oblige.

Sincerely yours, D.O. Macko
Try and answer soon because I may be away for a few days soon and may around Coleman.
Good Bye!
D.O. Macko
From to-day – “Mudus-vivendi”[sic] (Latin)